Advertising makes
brands famous.

Public relations makes
them credible.

We increase social awareness with true stories that spark curiosity and engage communities.

YPR is a PR marketing service that generates brand equity by creating awareness that is authentic and credible. We help organizations increase revenue and capitalization through strategic communications. We increase social awareness with both proactive and reactive storytelling that sparks curiosity, interest and engagement with various communities.

Our services

Tactical tools
for maximum notoriety

Proprietary processes for unique results

To address your organizations specific requirements and always stay up to date on your priorities, we have 3 established proprietary processes designed to keep us in touch and “always-on top” of your needs.

The Newsroom™
Newsroom Meeting

The Newsroom is a bilateral weekly or bi-weekly process used to stimulate the flow of new information and collaboration with the client to craft meaningful storylines to be shared with a defined audience.

Press Test™
People doing the Press Test

We press test our media pitches based on strategic considerations developed with the client. We account for newsworthiness, news value, news cycle, timing, tension, context, and what added value this creates for the audience/community. Our objective is to maximize public interest and generate organic worth-of-mouth conversations.

Reach & Greet™
Handshake neon

Our model is used to activate PR marketing plans. We reach out to the target audiences with the key messages and engage in conversations to elevate the clients presence in critical ecosystems of influence that weve previously identified.

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