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Yanik Deschênes

About Yanik Deschênes

Yanik Deschênes is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in communications and public relations. He has collaborated with reputable agencies such as NATIONAL, Cossette, Edelman, and Sid Lee, as well as notable organizations like the Canadian Space Agency and Walmart. His diverse career also includes collaboration with A2C, demonstrating his ability to navigate varied and demanding environments.

Founding of YPR

In 2018, Yanik founded YPR with the goal of helping brands and organizations create organic word-of-mouth within relevant communities. The goal of YPR is to increase credibility, generate revenue, and enhance market capitalization. With offices in Montreal, Toronto, and New York, YPR creates conversations that spark curiosity and generate brand value.

Innovations and Proprietary Processes

To achieve these goals, YPR has developed proprietary processes such as the Newsroom™, Press Test™, Credex™, and YPR Quadrant. These tools standardize the agency’s approaches and maximize return on investment for clients.

Personal Life and Commitment

To stay young and sharp, Yanik plays tennis almost every day. He asserts that practicing this sport has a positive impact on all aspects of his life. He looks forward to the opportunity to meet and collaborate with new partners.

Yanik Deschênes’ career is a testament to his commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of public relations and communications. He is grateful to his clients, both at home and abroad, for their trust.