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Sparking Curiosity

Sparking curiosity

We create conversations that generate brand value.

Our mission

YPR is a PR marketing service that generates equity and brand awareness. We help organizations increase their revenue and capitalization through strategic communications. We strengthen social awareness through proactive and reactive storytelling that sparks curiosity, interest, and engagement from relevant communities.

Proprietary Processes

We use proprietary processes such as the Newsroom™, Press Test™ and Reach & Greet™ to generate impact and results for our clients.


The Newsroom™ is a weekly touchpoint with clients to establish priorities, stimulate collaboration and create meaningful storylines for targeted audiences.

Reach & Greet™

The Reach and Greet™ model is for activating PR plans: we reach out to target audiences with the key messages and engage in conversations to elevate the client’s presence in key ecosystems.


A monthly Credibility Index Report with insights into PR marketing activities on behalf of the client, impact and results, lessons learned and next steps.


Strategic presence

Our offices are located in Montréal, Toronto and New York. We also have a strong network of collaborators in practically every part of the world.


Creative Services

We are strategic storytellers. We use this skill to share stories that positively impact communities and motivate others to make a difference.