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Case Study


The mandate was to amplify’s presence in Canada’s job market, promoting its recruitment platform and tools like tax calculator. 

However, major players like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Robert Half already dominate the space with strong branding, extensive ads, and partnerships. The recent name change from Neuvoo added to the challenge of establishing brand recognition amidst these seasoned competitors.


While the recruitment industry was focused on ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’, ‘Quiet Quitting’, and ‘Rage Applying’, we saw an opportunity for to take the lead. Instead of just echoing these softer trends, we decided to steer the conversation towards more significant issues –

salary transparency and the four-day work week.

By initiating these discussions in Canada, we aimed to establish as a thought leader, promoting authoritative conversations rather than simply joining existing ones.

Collaborating with research firms, we crafted surveys, analyzed the resulting data, and extracted key insights for media discussions. 

For instance, we pitched on salary transparency, sharing that only 45% of Canadian workers feel fairly paid, 84% support a salary transparency law, and 60% believe it would boost pay equity across genders and races. 

We also examined province-specific data, tailoring our pitches and creating comparative narratives for the media.


90 million impressions…

By collaborating with respected research agencies and leveraging its own internal data, generated unique insights, stimulating interest and fostering trust in its brand. We received coverage from CTV News, Toronto Sun, Bloomberg, CP24, Radio Canada, La Presse, Elle, Le Québec Matin, Financial Post and many others.

The campaign heightened brand recognition and positioned as a thought leader in the recruitment industry, setting the stage for its continued growth and influence in Canada.


We assembled a series of infographics to accompany the pitches which were used on’s channels to more easily share the insights of our surveys.




Media relations – Consumer Survey