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Case Study

MUJI Canada


In 2014, MUJI entered the Canadian market but struggled to attain the mainstream recognition of competitors such as IKEA and UNIQLO.

This campaign aimed to enhance brand awareness through engaging diverse groups of media and influencers via a unique, in-person brand experience.

Bolster the brand’s local presence through capturing the attention of the public and existing MUJI customers was a secondary goal.


MUJI had never done a large event in Canada to engage media and influencers and wanted to do so. We drew on MUJI’s Japanese roots by celebrating Cherry Blossom season, aligning with Toronto’s local interest in Cherry Blossom viewing. We prioritized community integration and authenticity, collaborating with local vendors to reflect Toronto’s unique flavour.


We curated our invite list to include a broad spectrum of media and influencers who resonate with MUJI products. We prioritized inviting nano and micro influencers with strong audience connections and a likelihood to generate on-site content, as well as those with existing brand relationships.


Finally, MUJI has an excellent relationship with their loyal customers and wanted to use the event as an opportunity to continue to cultivate this.  A limited number of tickets were available on Eventbrite for the general public to access. To ensure we were still providing the media with an intimate experience, we had an exclusive media hour for only VIPs to experience the Cherry Blossom Festival.





12 million impressions…

The MUJI Cherry Blossom Festival successfully positioned the brand within the Canadian market, leveraging its Japanese roots while also authentically engaging with Toronto’s cultural diversity. The event heightened brand awareness through strategic partnerships and a focus on local influencers and community engagement and bolstered MUJI’s image as a brand that celebrates and integrates local values. The campaign has increased the brand’s visibility and established MUJI as a community-focused, experiential retailer, paving the way for its continued growth in Canada.

MUJI Canada




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