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🎄Happy Holidays!💫

YPR’s 2023 Reading list

Our most avid readers curated and shared their annual reading list. The selection of books have been handpicked by team members for you to read and enjoy over the holidays. You can browse the selection, pick a book and we’ll send it over!

Thanks again for your trust, your confidence and your precious partnership. We hope to propel your team to even higher levels in 2024.

Enjoy the holidays and see you soon!

Group Account Director
Paulami Mehta

Victory City

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie’s latest novel describes how an orphan girl, Pampa Kampana, receives a boon from a goddess that turns her into a demi-god and a fundamental pillar in creating the kingdom of Bisnaga in 14th-century South India. In a world ruled by men, she tries to give women an equal right that comes with a share of power, freedom and will. But with time, rulers, power and allegiance change, and Pampa’s story is no exception. The novel is a perfect blend of myth, history and love.

Group Account Director
Paulami Mehta

Energize Your Mind

Gaur Gopal Das
Great read to understand our mind better and work with it in a way that will help us live a productive, and calm life.

President / Managing Director
Yanik DeschĂŞnes

Le destin c’est les autres

Claudine Bourbonnais

This book makes us realize how much our encounters shape our destiny.

Account Director
Laetitia Harty

Regards croisĂ©s – de l’Arctique Ă  l’Afghanistan

Fabrice de Pierrebourg & Marc-André Pauzé

A beautiful book that will take you on a journey, in words and in images. A good way to see the world from the eyes of others, especially in places we don’t get to visit a lot.

Head of Media Relations
Pauline Lazarus

Archive 1999-2023

Sofia Coppola

Archive is the first book by Sofia Coppola, covering the entirety of her singular and influential career in film. For information, she has been the first American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Directing.

PR Coordinator
Marie Stuart Morency

The Book of Awesome

Neil Pasricha
Great read for when you need a little happiness and see the bright side of things. Easy read during the holidays that brings you joy and makes you see the world as awesome!

Content Specialist & Product Manager
Chris Tardy

So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Cal Newport

Introduces the concept of career capital and what makes a job satisfying. Also includes some notes on deliberate practice and early thoughts on deep work, which the author would eventually develop into another book. Essential reading for people starting their career in my opinion.

Content Specialist & Product Manager
Chris Tardy


Herman Hesse

Beautiful retelling of an Indian folk tale about the life of the Buddha from a western perspective. It was written just after WW1, I think it resonated with a lot of people who had lost hope for humanity. Similarly, when times are tough or the world seems hostile, I fall back on what I learned in this book.

PR Advisor
Emily Callahan


Tina Fey

An all time favourite read, this autobiography from Tina Fey walks through the story of her life from her roots as a young shy kid to becoming the head writer of Saturday Night Live and her own TV show. It’s funny, thoughtful, and incredibly interesting (especially if you’re a comedy nerd like myself!).

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