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Le Journal de Montréal • Le  9 February, 2019

Ad agencies are also looking for their income tax credit

In the midst of a war of talent, advertising agencies are asking Québec to also be entitled to the 30% tax credit for hiring techno-savvy employees.

les affaires • Le  6 February, 2019

2 Québec based comapnies recognized by Bloomberg for their gender equality efforts

This year, CAE and the National Bank (BN) were the two Québec companies to gain recognition by the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, which recognizes companies that are committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace. In addition, both companies have been very transparent with regards to the disclosure of related information.

La • Le  2 February, 2019

Record year for special effects in Québec

The vitality of the visual effects industry in Montreal is undeniable: this sector is now more important than foreign filming.

Infopresse • Le 16 January, 2019

Speculative bidding: checking the balance sheets

In recent years, speculative work has created a strong reaction in the industry. But what has become of the tenders in 2018 in the Quebec advertising landscape? The Association of Creative Communication Agencies (A2C) publishes for the first time what the underlying pulse is that gets things moving.

The Montreal Gazette • Le  2 January, 2019

Mont-Tremblant's only five-star hotel has stayed independent for a reason

The owners of Hôtel Quintessence say it’s a star above the rest because they’ve had the freedom to design an environment that reflects their own wishes and values.

Finance et Investissement • Le  7 December, 2018

Attracting Quebecers working abroad back to Quebec

"Someone who has worked abroad brings a lot of diversity to an organization, including different points of view and different decision-making approaches," says Normand Lebeau, President of Mandrake in Montreal. He has identified nearly 3,000 executives from Quebec that are currently working abroad, whom he does not hesitate to solicit when local companies entrust him with a mandate. • Le 20 November, 2018

Boostmi to the rescue! And, with no membership required.

Sometimes just one degree colder, or one extra centimeter of snow can be enough to completely paralyze your car. Don't want to arrive late at the office nor subscribe to an expensive service? The Boostmi app could be your savior.

La Presse + • Le 18 November, 2018

Reading for LIfe - Salomé Corbo

Salome Corbo is the spokesperson for "The Gift of Reading", an initiative of the Literacy Foundation, which aims to distribute 100,000 new books to children before Christmas.
- Véronique Lauzon, La Presse

Les Affaires • Le 14 November, 2018

Open banking: "Protecting data must be the priority"

Ottawa must put security at the top of its agenda if it legislates on the "open banking system," but the Trudeau government must do so without stopping a technological innovation beneficial to consumers, argues Brandon Dewitt, director of technology at MX, which works with over 1800 financial institutions around the world to develop projects related to the open banking system.

Le Journal de Montréal • Le 14 November, 2018

Filming with a greener approach

On Thursday, the Quebec Film and Television Bureau (QFTC) and Quebecor will launch an action plan to accelerate the deployment of eco-friendly audiovisual productions in Quebec, an initiative that could become a major asset to attract more filming in Montreal.