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Le Journal de Montréal • June 12, 2020

Proper hand washing guidelines

In order to avoid the spread of COVID-19, we already know that it is essential to wash our hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, and, as often as possible. However, the way we dry our hands is also important.

Le Journal de Montréal • June 6, 2020

No virus in the ventilation system

Few recent studies have demonstrated a serious link between the spread of COVID-19 and ventilation of indoor environments. Here are the facts.

Women's Wear Daily • May 22, 2020

Moose Knuckles Names Rob Zeidel Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

The luxury brand is known for selling fashion parkas with price tags of $900 on up.

La Presse+ • May 19, 2020

From pillows to protective face masks

Recognized for more than a decade for its pillows and postural beds, Orthex plunged headlong into the production of protective masks a few weeks ago. To date, the SME based in Boisbriand has manufactured 60,000 masks. It plans to add another 200,000 that have been ordered by several cities and large companies.

Le devoir • May 14, 2020

Manifesto for Our Local Media

"The media here are suffering. For several years, the migration of advertising investments to global digital platforms has deprived them of significant revenues to enable them to imagine, produce, and distribute local content. It is an obstacle to the dissemination of quality content that reflects and perpetuates our culture. It is a hindrance to the transmission of essential content that informs us and fuels our democracy. "

Huffington Post • May 8, 2020

Singles in confinement: Tinder and Bumble launch video chat

In the context of people having to self quarantinine, the number of people going out on romantic dates has dropped signficantly, to say the least. Dating apps Tinder and Bumble will be offering a video chat service built right into the app to help singles to get to know each other better.

Fashion Magazine • May 7, 2020

Moose Knuckles Launches New COVID-19 Relief Initiative Featuring Local Artists

Canadian outerwear brand Moose Knuckles has just announced a COVID-19 relief initiative designed to support hospitals and local artists across the world. Among the hospitals that will receive funds from the sale of the jackets are Montreal’s Le Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal and Jewish General Hospital Foundation.

Le Journal de Montréal • May 6, 2020

Talking to a "real person", more crucial than ever in the banking sector

If there is one thing that Lucie Blanchet has learned from the present COVID-19 crisis, it is that despite technological advances in finance, bank customers still need to speak "to a real person" when things get tough.

Smithsonian Magazine • April 16, 2020

The push for tidal power faces its biggest challenge yet

The renewable energy source has never quite lived up to its potential, but a new experiment in Nova Scotia could flip the script.

Le Journal de Montréal • April 4, 2020

Terrifying statistics are a warning to the CEO of the National Bank

The big bosses of finance are swimming in troubled waters, but Quebec should narrowly avoid the "Great Depression", according to the CEO of National Bank, Louis Vachon.