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La Presse • August 8, 2019

AI to the rescue of tomorrow's banking systems

At the beginning of the year, the National Bank launched "AI Factory", a new division made up of about ten artificial intelligence specialists whose mandate is clear: to ensure the "industrialization" of AI throughout the organization.

l'Express EMPLOI • August 2, 2019

How Montreal became the Eldorado of the film industry

With the same recipes used to develop video games, Québec's metropolis has become a world leader in animation, filming, and post-production.

Financial Post • August 2, 2019

'Constant upheaval': Why Canadian businesses have not fully rebounded from the post-tariff stall

What might our trade future look like? StatCan looks at the skirmish over Trump’s specious steel and aluminum duties.

L'é • July 9, 2019

Studying in Montréal: Why it's so alluring

Studying in Canada - and especially in the Greater Montreal area - is attracting more and more Moroccan students. Among the highlights of the region include the cost of living, affordable tuition fees, as well as large green spaces to enjoy.

Breakfast Television • July 8, 2019

CN100 A Moving Celebration Display

Jim Feeny from CN100 A Moving Celebration explains to Ted Henley the concept behind the project and what Calgary Stampede visitors will see if they stop by the exhibit.

Young Post • July 7, 2019

Your student guide to Montreal - everything you need to know

Thinking about getting your degree overseas? Montreal, Canada’s second-largest city, offers some of the most affordable and accessible study opportunities in North America. Of course, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a study destination. Let’s break them down.

LaRazón • July 5, 2019

Laurent Saulnier: “El jazz vive un gran momento”

The Montreal International Jazz Festival is held from June 27 to July 6 and is undoubtedly the most important of its kind worldwide. It holds the Guinness Record for being the biggest festival on the planet. The 2019 edition has the outstanding presence of artists such as Norah Jones, Bryan Adams, Omara Portuondo, and Alan Parsons, among an offering of five hundred concerts -nothing less-, with musicians from different countries and who have marked the path of contemporary music. Since its first edition, in 1979, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Pat Metheny, and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, among other legendary jazz characters, have shone on stage. Laurent Saulnier, vice president of the festival and music journalist, speaks of this year's celebration of the festival's fortieth anniversary. The festival holds an attendance record that exceeds 20,000.

Correio Braziliense • July 3, 2019

Montreal is in search of Brazilians; with school and work options

Those interested in studying or working and then migrating to the second largest Canadian metropolis will find the "doors open". This is guaranteed by representatives of local companies, universities, and a development agency. The city is a great location for students from all over the Americas. Ranked fourth in the world, it has great opportunities, especially in the area of technology.

Montreal Gazette • July 3, 2019

Claude Paré, the man behind Dark Phoenix, Spider-Man's blockbuster looks

Claude Paré has worked as production designer on a slew of major Hollywood movies, including the X-Men film Dark Phoenix, Spider-man: Far From Home, Night at the Museum, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

L'Express • June 26, 2019

Montréal - A movie production hot spot

With the same methods to produce video games, Québec's metropolis is emerging as a stronghold for animation, filming, and post-production. We are working with a specialized workforce.