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Le Journal de Montréal • Le 18 December, 2017

Local transportation company invests 1 million dollars in Tesla trucks

Quebec trucking company Fuel puts four Elon Musk Tesla trucks, valued at nearly $ 300,000 each, to spark interest in these vehivles in a sector which is slow to evolve when it comes to energy consumption.

l'Express • Le 27 November, 2017

Marc St-Hilaire hot on the trail

Marc St-Hilaire is resourceful fellow who wanted to own his own business and when the opportunity arose, he did not miss his chance.

La Presse + • Le 21 November, 2017

Parkinson's disease; Action follows reaction

To be diagnosed with Parkinson's disease when we are 55 years old, when we are in otherwise perfectly good health unfortunately happens to thousands of people. When he was diagnosed, Gerard Tardif said he had two options: go home and ball up and cry, or continue living his life.

Le Journal de Montréal • Le 19 November, 2017

Confusion surrounding the Anti-Spam laws

Three years after being introduced, the rules of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation still seem very obscure to businesses. In fact, 42% of respondents to a recent survey say they are not aware of its provisions.

La Presse • Le 17 November, 2017

Sid Lee moving into Place Ville Marie

For the signature building in downtown Montreal, this is a significant milestone in its strategic repositioning.

The cross-shaped skyscraper has long been associated with traditional downtown tenants, namely financial institutions, law firms, professional offices and head offices. • Le  3 November, 2017

Why The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Is One To Watch

...This, at least, was what I thought as I found myself at the museum’s Jean-Noel Desmarais pavilion a few weeks ago to see the opening of ”Once Upon a Time... the Western” exhibit...

Les Affaires • Le 14 October, 2017

Aligning the brand with the culture

The corporate culture is inspiring and authentic, attracting customers and talent. How then, in B2B marketing, can we make known our vision, identity, and values?

The Drum • Le 20 September, 2017

Creative agency Sid Lee is staging a Bed-In for Peace

The event is paying homage to the Bed-In for Peace that John Lennon and Yoko Ono organized in 1969, which saw the married couple stay in bed for a week at Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel to protest the Vietnam War.

Le Journal de Québec • Le 12 September, 2017

Metro launches a new service in Québec City

Metro is deploying its offensive in the Quebec City area with a new on-line grocery and home delivery service.

TVA Nouvelles • Le 12 September, 2017

Metro launches a new online ordering service in Québec City

Unlike other chains, Metro has chosen to concentrate its online shopping service at a single supermarket. Metro Plus St-David, in the borough of Beauport Québec, was selected to receive, prepare and deliver the orders.