We increase social awareness with real stories that spark curiosity and engage communities.

PR-marketing that generates brand value.

At YPR Canada, we’ve mastered the skill of using earned and social media to bring organizational growth and generate added revenues.

Social Media

YPR specializes in growth marketing on social media by using artificial intelligence and engagement techniques deployed by humans to organically scale the number of followers and increase the engagement for each platform. We master the art and science of growing scale and engagement on social media within the relevant ecosystems. We also use our expertise in data and analytics to constantly adapt our approach.

Media Positioning

Despite media fragmentation, media positioning still has massive value as it will always be the most credible communication platform. Our team of seasoned PR practitioners work closely with media outlets to develop partnerships to maximize exposure and coverage for the client.

The stories we develop with our clients are specifically designed to benefit the reader or viewer. We never email blast reporters with a generic news release. We favour quality over quantity and we work one on one with reporters to customize the story for each type of media.

The stories that we pitch always meet the highest standard of honesty, veracity, and authenticity. We have more than 20 years experience in media relations and have positioned major stories in all major media outlets in Canada and the U.S.


Neither great online stories nor brilliant media coverage is enough to reach a large number of viewers.

Our data analytics and paid media experts stimulate the content and stories positioned within a client targeted ecosystem.

The online stimulation is maximized through the identification and creation of social identities best suited to engage the user in a specific social context.

We create brand equity through earned and shared media

Our Work

We position your brand's story with the media.

The Kit • January 7, 2021

This DJ wants you to clean your shoes

Here’s an unlikely career trajectory for you: research-scientist-turned-DJ-turned-shoe-care-entrepreneur. That’s Amir Alam’s story in a nutshell. The Toronto native worked in neuro-oncology at SickKids hospital, publishing several papers on brain tumour research. Then, he spent a decade DJing, touring with The Weeknd and spinning at Toronto bars like Libertine and the late, great Kensington Market spot Cold Tea. The pandemic put Alam’s DJing gigs on hold, so he zeroed in on his interest in shoe care and launched a cleaning kit called Shoe Laundry.

La Presse • December 29, 2020

"I was looking to get out of my comfort zone"

She was one of the most prominent CEOs of Quebec Inc. and managed the largest telecommunications company in Quebec. Annual profits of 1.68 billion on revenues of 3.38 billion. And then, two years ago, Manon Brouillette caused a surprise. At the age of 50, she quit her position as President and CEO of Videotron, which she had held for almost five years.

Les Affaires • December 23, 2020

Local techies develop Leav, a new payment technology

Use your phone to scan and pay for in-store items: that's what Leav, a Montreal app developed by three young people in their twenties, lets you do. While the application is still in the testing and development phase, entrepreneurs aim to bring it to market quickly.

What We Do

We generate brand value and added revenues through strategic communications.

Public Relations

Through strategic communication, we build mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its public following.

Web & Graphic Design

Together with our experienced designers, we plan, create, and then project our ideas via the media with quality visual and textual content.

Brand Journalism

We create authentic content that inspires, touches or moves the brand’s followers to reinforce brand loyalty.

Analog Experiences/Stunts

We create memorable brand events that can then be leveraged online by our team of expert storytellers and producers, further reinforcing engagement with the defined audience.

Social Media

Our highly skilled team knows how to make the best use of online communications channels that are dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

Online Earned & Paid Media

We leverage a brand's online presence by engaging the user in a specific social context.

About Us

We help organizations increase revenues and create brand equity through strategic communications. We use earned and shared media to generate brand awareness via social networks and traditional news media. We are the leading experts in the creation, positioning and amplification of authentic stories within defined ecosystems.

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