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Strategy • 11 November, 2015

Are you using Instagram wrong?

At last week’s EventTech social media and tech conference in Las Vegas, Jean-Sebastien Lessard, president and CEO of experiential marketing agency Nomad Logic, gave a keynote presentation that not only covered why Instagram was the best way to reach consumers on social, but tried to give those in attendance a wake-up call about how they were using it.

Les Affaires • 10 November, 2015

3 tendencies that are rocking the Quebec advertising world

Au Québec, l'industrie de la publicité est en pleine mutation, et le terme n'est pas trop fort, loin s'en faut. Une mutation qui affecte tous ses acteurs, des médias aux agences de publicité en passant par les professionnels de l'image.

LaPresse+ • 10 November, 2015

Quebec is losing ground

Le Québec ne représente plus que 20 % des emplois totaux de l’industrie des communications et du marketing au Canada, contrairement à 24 % en 2010. Au même moment, la part de l’Ontario a crû de 58 % à 62 %, pour s’établir à 32 000 emplois.

Groupe TVA • 5 November, 2015

SMEs in action - True Dialogue™

The interview with Stéphane Perreault in the video begins at 6:00.

LaPresse+ • 22 October, 2015

Four words to understand business and social acceptability

A business is often helpless when public opinion runs wild regarding a particilaur issue, endangering its repuation via a public trial and bad expsoure on social media networks, says Stéphane Perrault, vice president of Pilote groupe-conseil. This is what led his firm to develop True Dialogue™, a communication tool that gives voice to all stakeholders through social networks.

LaPresse+ • 18 October, 2015

Serge Pointet: Personality of the week

Serge Pointet, founder and president of Laprod, who acted as Maitre D' at the Givenchy fashion show at New York Fashion Week in September, is our person of the week.

ici radio-canada • 27 September, 2015

Already got a head for business at just 12 years old

Young entrepeneur, Émile Gariépy, sells his pumpkins to four supermarkets.

LaPresse+ • 25 September, 2015

Montreal firm behind the Givenchy fashion show in N.Y.

This was a major event which was prepared in great secrecy: the first Givenchy show in New York on September 11, during fashion week. Surprise: it was a Montreal production house, Laprod, that produced the entire show!

Detroit Free Press • 20 September, 2015

What Montreal can teach Detroit

MONTREAL – Like many cities, this French-speaking metropolis a day’s drive from Detroit can teach the Motor City a few things about urban revitalization.

Le Journal des Pays-d'en-Haut La Valée • 16 September, 2015

Émulsion: This small business is well on its way!

Manufactured in a workshop tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac in St Adolphe d'Howard, "Émulsion" brand salad dressings are gaining in popularity.